Headaches – Could Your Posture be Causing Them?

Do you find that you often suffer from headaches at the end of your working day? Perhaps your headaches occur at the other end of your day – when you first wake up. Did you know that poor posture, particularly when you sit and sleep, has the capacity to cause headaches? And of course, if you regularly assume the problem posture – for example, slumping forward while you sit, or sleeping with your neck poorly supported – you may find you suffer from recurring headaches.

What can be done about posture related headaches?

A good first step would be to correct the posture involved. You might find that the headaches begin to lessen in frequency or severity, or cease altogether. Some posture problems however may take time or require some action to correct. Your chiropractor may be able to assist in that regard.

If posture had resulted in misalignments of your spine or in early degeneration that may be contributing to the headaches, your Chiropractor Potts Point will aim to treat those problems with a view to alleviating the suspected cause of the headaches. Your chiropractor may also give you advice on correct posture, or exercises or stretches you can do regularly that may benefit your posture, improve the conditions around your spine and reduce headaches.


There are many different types of headaches however posture related headaches are not uncommon. If you think your headaches may be related to posture, or to muscle strain or a back or neck injury, why not make an appointment to see if chiropractic care might help?