Muscle Pain

What to do About Muscle Pain

Are you suffering from muscle pain? Muscle pain in very common and often, it’s a temporary condition, perhaps the result of something like too much time gardening, or overdoing it with your new exercise plan. Other times however, muscle pain is a sign or symptom of something a little more serious. If your muscle pain doesn’t ease quickly, a visit to the chiropractor might be a good idea.

When muscle pain is simply the result of overdoing things there are a few things you can do at home that might help. Naturally, the first thing to do is stop doing the activity that is causing the muscle pain and rest the muscles involved. A warm bath or shower might help, as might a gentle massage.

If you’re feeling severe muscle pain or your muscle pain has been persisting for some time, a visit to the chiropractor is in order. Muscle pain might sometimes be caused by other factors like a slipped disc, incorrect posture, or a misalignment in the spine. Even stress may cause muscle pain, particularly in the neck and shoulder area.

When you present with muscle pain your chiropractor will undertake an examination of your spine and the surrounding muscles in an effort to identify the problem area. Questions your chiropractor asks you may also help him or her to determine the likely cause of the muscle pain.

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