Pinch Nerve

Pinched Nerve Pain Relief

Did you know that if you’re suffering from a pinched nerve, your chiropractor might be able to help? While often a pinched nerve is temporary and the pain only mild, that’s not always the case. As you may know, a pinched nerve is frequently caused by swelling or irritation that impinges upon the space of the nerve. If that swelling or irritation is reduced, the pain or sensation associated with the pinched nerve may cease or at least reduce in severity.  If your pinched nerve appears to be the result of a recent injury or strain that may have caused swelling near the nerve your chiropractor may give you advice on how to reduce the swelling or relieve the pinched nerve.

In some cases however, the swelling or irritation that brings on the pinched nerve is a problem that recurs, causing the periodic return of the pinched nerve sensation. When a pinched nerve recurs, your chiropractor may begin to suspect that a repetitive strain injury or some other cause is involved. Other causes may include degenerative conditions like arthritis, bulging or herniated discs, poor posture, abnormal bone growth or something more sinister like a tumour.

A pinched nerve that doesn’t quickly resolve should be taken seriously. While the cause is rarely as serious as a tumour, causes like poor posture, bone growth and damage to the spine are worthy of attention.

Your Chiropractor Potts Point may be able to help you with the condition of pinched nerve. Why not make an appointment to see if chiropractic care can give you some relief?