Posture: How Good Are Your Habits?

Do you pay regular attention to your posture? Many of us are simply too busy to notice poor posture but good posture can be a significant contributor to our wellbeing. This can be more so as you age as poor posture habits can alter the shape of your spine, cause early degeneration and reduce your flexibility – making the poor posture habit worse and often resulting in a reduced ability or inclination to exercise regularly.

You may not realise however that there’s much more to be gained from good posture. When you are standing or sitting in a correct posture important organs in your body are also in their correct positions, which helps them to operate effectively. Adopting a posture that squeezes or places undue pressure on other parts of your body can hamper digestion, elimination and blood flow.

Regularly sitting or standing with poor posture, particularly if you do so for extended periods of time, may contribute to:

•    Back or neck ache
•    Joint stiffness
•    Impaired digestion
•    Circulation problems
•    Lengthened or shortened muscles
•    Decreased flexibility
•    Fatigue

In this day and age many of us adopt a sitting posture for hours at a time either because we work in an office situation, or spend hours using the computer at home. If you spend prolonged periods sitting down, it’s important to stand and move around regularly.

If your posture hasn’t been as good as it could have been in recent years, perhaps it’s time to visit your chiropractor for a spine health check. Never had chiropractic treatment before? Take up our special introductory offer and call Chiropractor Potts Point now to make your appointment.