Slipped Disc

Treatment for a Slipped Disc

If you’re seeking treatment for a slipped disc, a chiropractor might be well placed to help. Chiropractors specialise in caring for the spine and frequently treat clients who are suffering from a slipped disc.

Treating a slipped disc is more complicated than many realise. A slipped disc cannot be simply pushed back into place to make the symptoms vanish – that’s because a slipped disc is a damaged disc. What occurs during a slipped disc is that the disc lining wears through in a section, or tears, and spongy material contained inside the disc may begin to push through the opening.

The severity of a slipped disc and the associated symptoms vary according to the severity of the damage, the volume of material protruding, and the location of the disc that has ruptured. Massage might be employed in an effort to restore the area to a more normal condition. Ice packs or heat might be used, according to the symptoms, and later, specific exercises may be recommended to strengthen the area surrounding the injury.

A slipped disc isn’t just painful – if it is intruding upon a nerve it can reduce the nerve’s ability to function as efficiently as it did prior to the slipped disc, and left untreated, can result in worsening symptoms.

Chiropractors offer non-invasive treatment for a slipped disc. If you’d like to consult a registered Chiropractor Potts Point about your slipped disc just call us now to arrange an appointment. If you’ve never been to us before, don’t forget to download your introductory voucher for a discount on your consultation.